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Well That Didn’t Work

Another experiment failed. I weighed in today and 224.3. I gained 1.3 pounds. There could be several reason for my weight gain this week. They are as follow but in no particular order except for the first.

  • I ate dinner late last night – After our game, which we won 16-5 by the way, we went to The Corner Pub for dinner and a drink. I was so hungry because I didn’t eat anything before the game. In fact, I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch. For dinner I had 2 sliders, one chicken and one black bean, a side salad and two beers.
  • I did not journal this week – I tried to see how well I would do without writing everything down. I just get so tired of logging everything I eat. Well this week weigh in as making me re-think that.
  • Fewer trips to the gym – We only went to the gym once last week. We did other things like jogging and walking the dogs, but the intensity of the workouts was way less than we have normally done.
  • Easter egg hunt – last weekend we had our annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt. We had a great time but there was a tons of food drinks to be had. Even though I tried to keep my alcohol consumption to a minimum, I did do some mindless eating. It wasn’t difficult to just walk through the house and grab something off the table as I walked by.

Well there you go. It looks like I did everything wrong this week. To my defence, I didn’t do a bad job eating, I was just bad at everything else.

Updated: April 10, 2010 — 8:05 AM

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