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Week 2 In The Books

Well, I did it. I have completed two full weeks of boot camp!!!! Who would have thought that someone like me, could do, let alone try something like this. I remember when boot camps first starting gaining popularity. I always thought that it would be cool to be able to do that. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever thing I would actually be a participant.

I have learned a lot in the past two weeks. Most of it has to do with the way I look at food. Before, I would eat what was easy or convenient. Now, I eat what I think will benefit me the most. I was a huge fan of packaged and processed foods. Anything in a package that I could just heat up or eat right out the package was what I leaned towards the most.

Like most of us, I work a lot of hours so time is precious to me. By the time I got home from work, the thought of cooking was a huge turn off. I hated to be bothered with cooking. Kristy and I have spent a lot of time and money eating out. Unfortunately, that is the reason I have gained so much weight. My favorite meal would be going to the Corner pub and having their grilled wings with my favorite beer. Yes, I love beer. I don’t drink beer to get drunk. I drink beer because I love the taste. I love tasting different types of beer, I love sitting around with my friends after a hard day and sharing a beer and good conversation. And yes, I do miss it. I miss it a lot, but one thing I keep in the back of my mind, is if I have a beer, how will it affect my work out. My instructor JoJo, (pictured above) informed us that alcohol can last in your body for 5 days. I remember that and the freaking hill at Candler Park that I can’t seem to run up with out stopping.

So now, when I see a meal, I dissect it for its nutrition quality and how it may help my workout the next day. Please don’t think that have all the sudden turned out to be some fitness expert. I’m still over weight, I still have a lot of issues, especially with food that I have to deal with, I still have a long way to go. What I am saying is, if I can start making┬áthese changes now, it should have a huge affect on my progress as I work towards my goals.

My goal for next week is too make it up that freaking hill without having to stop and walk. Keep checking in everyone and see me make it.

Updated: April 22, 2011 — 9:02 AM


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  1. Lis…I’m in awe of you! You are rocking it and I’m proud of you! You’ll run up that hill…I have NO doubt! Keep it up…I love reading about how great you are doing!
    Love from Maine!!!!! (sorry about the whoopie pies…never again…I promise)

  2. Like you I’ve recently taken a new turn in my relationship with food. For the month of March I started “leaning into” eating Paleo. It brought a lot of attention to how much protein I need and I started looking at food even more as fuel. That doesn’t mean what I eat isn’t delicious but it feels like I have more control over my food relationship – instead of the intense food cravings that were making my decisions before. I too check out menus as to what is going to fuel me best and make me feel good the next day. Always learning, always growing! Way to go on completing 2 weeks!

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