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Up And Running Again

Sorry I haven’t been around the past few days, life has been a little crazy. Anyway, I missed boot camp yesterday because of a really bad migraine; however, all is well and I’m good as new today.

Because Kristy and I hosted a Easter Egg Hunt this past weekend, today was my first day of exercise since boot camp last Friday. I still got a lot of exercisebecause of all the house cleaning and yard work we had to do to get ready for the 61 people who attended. Unfortunately, my exercise wasn’t the only thing that suffered. All my good eating habits went out the window as well. Not that I ate a bunch of crap; I did not eat like I should have. I ate only a few times each day and then by dinner I was starving. Because we were both too tired to cook, we ended up eating popcorn for two of our meals. Other meals included; pizza, and Subway. My portion control was maintained; however, I did not make the best choices I could have.

Needless to say, boot camp was extreamly hard on me. I struggled to keep up with my fellow campers and had a really hard time controlling my breathing. Basically, I felt like I was at the beginning of week two again.

What’s worse, I had to take my journal to boot camp for the instructors to review. I just sat there watching Lydia’s face as she lookedmore and more confused when she read what I had been eating the past 4 days. Now I could have lied and put down all kinds of healthy things I didn’t really eat, but who am I fooling? I would only be letting myself down. Ok, I did omit one thing yesterday. Because I was feeling pretty bad yesterday, I did not make a lunch, and because I was late for work, I didn’t want to leave the office to go find something healthy. If I wanted to eat my only choice was Chick-Fil-A which is located in the lobby of our building. I got a chicken sandwich, an order of fries and a diet Coke. Somehow, I omitted the fries from my journal, but I can tell you Lydia didn’t miss a thing. The first thing she said to me was no fries right? I chose to suck it up and tell her that I did have an order of fries. Like I said, who would I be fooling?

Do not fret my friends. As we speak I am back on my healthy eating track and will be back at boot camp tomorrow.

The trick of all this is: it’s ok to fall down. Just get back up and continue where you left off.

Updated: April 26, 2011 — 12:39 PM

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  1. it takes great courage to do this so publicly. I’m impressed with everything you’re doing including telling us when you stumble.

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