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Tour de Cure

Yesterday, Kristy and I completed a 34 mile bike ride for the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure. This was our third ride for this event and out of all the rides we have been on, this was the most difficult. Pretty much, the entire 34 miles was one hill after another.

For the first 20 miles, I felt surprisingly strong. Even though my legs were burning on the hills, I kept on going without having to get off my bike once to push it up the hill. The next ten miles were getting tough. My legs were burning, my feet were numb, and my butt was killing me. I still felt well enough to continue on. Then, I hit the 30 mile mark. That’s when I hit the wall or bonked in biking terms. At that point, ever mile seem to take longer and longer. The hills were becoming more strenuous and I was struggling to keep my feet moving. A couple of times after a some hard hills, we had to stop for a moment to get a drink and catch our breath.

At mile 32, I thought I was done. I kept telling Kristy that I couldn’t go any further. Kristy was very supportive and would not let me stop. She then reminded me that she included two Miller Lites in our cooler. Finally, something to shoot for!!

As we crossed the finish line and the crowd of people were cheering us on, all I wanted to do is to give them the finger. Instead, we went and picked up our t-shirts and then to the truck for our celebratory toast.

Thanks to all who supported our ride. Kristy and I raised $1025.00 for the ADA.

Updated: May 16, 2011 — 5:16 PM

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