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Short Fat Girl Hits The Press

Short Fat Girl has it the press.

Below, is an article published today in the GA Voice. The link to the original article will be at the end.

Getting in shape: ‘Short Fat Girl’ Lisa Getzinger by — Dyana Bagby

‘This has just become a part of my life’

Topping the scales at 248 pounds and watching her mother die at 48 of a heart attack, Lisa Getzinger knew she had to change her life completely to avoid a similar fate.

“It was a kick in the seat,” she said of her mother’s death.

Getzinger, 47, who quit smoking eight years ago, liked to eat out a lot, drink several beers and sit on the couch watching TV. As a child and all through her life, she struggled with her weight. But after working in a diabetes and endocrinology clinic and seeing other people suffer because of poor health habits, she knew she didn’t want to end up sick or like her mother.

Ten months ago, Getzinger joined a local fitness boot camp. She was the heaviest participant, finishing last in all exercises, but determined to keep going.

“When I first started I couldn’t do one sit up, now I’m doing 25 sit ups in under a minute,” she said. “On my first day I almost threw up. I’ve learned to love ice and Advil.”

Not only that, Getzinger has run several 5Ks and triathlons. Next up is the Warrior Dash in May. She also keeps a blog titled Short Fat Girl.

“My partner is now joining me and we run together on the weekends. We’re like a team. We bought bicycles and ride from Decatur to Stone Mountain. We like to take our dogs on walks for 2.5 to 3.5 miles on the weekend. My attitude has changed 100 percent,” she said.

Getzinger, a volunteer with the Health Initiative, credits boot camp for keeping her interested in being healthy.

“Boot camp is all about the buddy system and I feed on that,” she said.

“They want you to succeed. They make me feel good about myself. And they hate the name of my website, Short Fat Girl,” she said, laughing.

The blog, Getzinger says, is a way for her to keep herself in check. People she doesn’t know read and will ask for tips or more about her story and even ask why she hasn’t posted in several weeks or months.

Currently, she and her partner, Kristy Gibson, together 10 years, are considering starting a fitness program for young people. Getzinger said as a child she was picked on because of her size and she wants to help young people in the same situation begin to find ways to lead a healthier lifestyle.

“When you start surrounding yourself with inspiring people you want to be inspiring,” she said.

Getzinger admits she is still the one who comes in last in the exercises and competitions at boot camp. She acknowledges she argues with herself every morning about whether or not she will go and face the elements for a rigorous workout. It’s not easy and it takes discipline.

But, she said, eventually you will want to run that mile or do those sit ups early in the morning.

“[Recently] I worked out with a temperature of 26 degrees and now I can brag about it,” she said. “This has just become a part of my life.”

Link to the GA Voice original article. My story is at the bottom: Health & Fitness: Get inspired

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  1. Nice article. Keep up the good work!

  2. Lisa, you are one inspiring boot camp rock star! I am so proud of you and just look at you in that second photo! Keep at it and celebrate all that you’ve accomplished.

  3. Thank you for sharing Lisa. You make a positive difference for me and in the lives of other people.

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