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Running With Someone

Courtney and I hit the road again yesterday after work and ran the same route we did the night before. Kristy is down with a bad back so she wasn’t able to join us on our run. She did, however, joined us for a nice .9 mile warm up walk around the the neighborhood with all the pups. After the warm up, Courtney, KC and I took off for another walk/run.

Even though the route was the same, it was much harder this time. Since we did the nice warm up walk, we were able to start the route off running. Unfortunately, the first part we ran is all up hill so I was already out of breath before leaving my own street.

By the time we hit the dreaded hill, I was pretty wiped out. Under normal circumstances, I would have walked the rest of the way home, but having Courtney beside me helped me push through the pain. We walked up the hill at a fast pace and when we reached the top, we ran the rest of the way home which is approximately a block long. We completed everything, including the warm up walk in 51:39. I’m thinking that’s a record time for me.

At the end of the run, I was breathing heavy, sweating like a pig, but I felt great. Thanks Courtney for pushing me the way you did.

Updated: April 15, 2010 — 6:24 AM

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