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Hello everyone it’s Gibby.  I am going to be a regular writer on Short Fat Girl.  I love food, so I am going to share ideas, tips, and creative ways to cut down on daily calories.  If you are like me and Lisa, time is not your best friend.  Instead of cooking a healthy meal at home, we were a fan of going out to eat.  Let’s face it, when we eat out, we don’t always make the healthiest choices.  I read an article on Yahoo Health called “78 Ways to Cut Fat Calories From Your Diet.”

Dieting is hard, so instead of saying you are on a diet, make a few changes here and there until you have made a change in lifestyle.  When you make subtle changes, you will eventually lead to the results you desire.  But remember, don’t get frustrated and don’t give up.  You don’t have to deprive yourself of the things you love, but you don’t need those things every day.

Here are the changes I am going to make starting today!  I will use the same habit forming behavior that made me heavy, to make subtle changes that will work to my benefit.  For breakfast I plan on eating an orange instead of drinking juice.  For lunch I will use mustard instead of mayo, and pass up the croutons on my salad.  Happy Hour will be equally fun drinking water in between beers.  I will consider using 94% fat free popcorn over my delicious Whirley Pop style for snack, but believe it or not, this will be a hard change to make.  Switching to Sorbet instead of ice cream for dessert will be easy.  I will use broth instead of oil or butter as a tasty kitchen swap.  Drive thrus need to be a thing of the past, so I need to avoid that category altogether.  And lastly, I will avoid anything breaded when I eat out.  

Check out the article and find the changes you are willing to make, trust me you’ll be glad you did!


Updated: January 26, 2012 — 5:27 PM

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