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Softball season began last night and happily, we started the season with a win. It was nice to have all my team mates back together again.

Seems like every season, I struggle with the idea of quitting the team. At the end of every season, I tell myself that this is my last season and then at the beginning of each season, I say ok, one more season.

The truth is, I love playing the game; I love, getting out there and getting dirty and most of all, I love seeing my friends every week. To be totally honest, I’m a pretty dam good first baseman if I do say so myself.

After many seasons of indecision, I have finally came to the conclusion that I will play softball as long as my body will let me or the team breaks up. I know I’m getting older and the other teams we play seem to be getting younger, but the fact is I am still a pretty decent player, I love being with my friends and if I quit now, I know a year or so from now, I will be wishing I was still playing. There will be plenty of time for me to sit in my rocking chair dreaming of games past.


Updated: March 13, 2011 — 7:37 PM

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