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Not My Best Week

Well, week one of my 3rd month of boot camp is in the bag. To be totally honest, this wasn’t my best week, but somehow I was able to pull a three pound weight loss out of it. I wish I knew exactly what I did to get that so I could do it again.

To begin with, this was a rough week at work for me. My stress level was at all time high and of course, the first thing I do when I’m stressed is to eat or drink a few beers. That is exactly what I did starting on Monday. Even though I went to the farmer’s market this weekend and had the entire fridge stocked with healthy choices, as soon as someone asked if I wanted to go for dinner and drinks, I jumped at the chance.

Tuesday came and went and I seemed to have my self back in order until Wednesday which was our off day at boot camp. My intention was to take the dogs for a nice long 2 to 3 mile walk, but that was squashed do to the thunderstorms that hit as soon as I got home from work.

Unfortunately, the storms continued through the night and because my dog Jack, is terrified of thunder and lightning, I didn’t get much sleep. To top it off, my of docs I work with had a tree come down in his yard and was unable to get out of his driveway which meant I had to go to work early to get his appointments rescheduled. Because of all of this, I was unable to make it to boot camp on Thursday morning.

Let me tell you something you might not really understand or believe. Once you are used to the fact of getting up every morning and going to boot camp, missing even one day makes me feel like crap. My day dragged and I had very little energy. You might want to contribute that to not sleeping, but even when I have to miss because of a work meeting, I have the same results.

Thursday, my office went to watch a Braves game. We had a great time, but there were no healthy choices to speak of at the ball park. Since I had to eat something, I had a hot dog and yes a couple of light beers. Of course the game went into extra innings and after an exciting win, I didn’t get home and in bed until midnight.

With less than 8 hours of sleep in the past two days, I was still able to pull my but out of bed and drag myself to boot camp this morning. I could tell by how I felt that I wasn’t working out at my full potential, but I still worked hard anyway and tried to make the best of it. It’s almost impossible to fail while your at boot camp;  the instructors just wont let that happen. Thank goodness.

Now that the week is over it’s time for a do over. Wish me luck folks.

Updated: June 17, 2011 — 12:52 PM

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