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I have been on every diet known to man since the age of 10 years old. I would do well for a while, but it seamed like ever time I start showing some sign of success, something would happen to sabotaged all my efforts and I end right back or in worse shape from where I started. This still holds true today. I stand before you weighing in at an all time high of 270 pounds. Below is a brief time line of my weight-loss journey.



Elizabeth and I the day before the race

Elizabeth and I the day before the race

In 1998 I made a pack with my Upstate New York friend Elizabeth to Run a 5K together. Within a year, I had lost 80 pounds and was running on a daily basis. Once I lost the weigh, I started experiencing some health problems and the day before my friend flew down for the race, I was diagnosed with a devastating illness and was unable to run the race.After 2 years of heavy IV steroid therapy as well as other hard core drugs, I gained all my weight back plus another 20 pounds. I tired many time to lose the weigh again, but could never seem to stick with it. As you can probably imagine, I fell into a deep depression that took me years to overcome.

Several years later, after making some major life changes, My partner Kristy and I had decided to take control of our health and get into shape. We started out by purchasing a couple of bikes and with in a matter of a few months, we completed our first bike race of 16 miles. That lead us to upgrading our bikes to nice road bikes and before we knew it, were riding several times a week



First Ride Tour de Cure 05 2010

First Ride Tour de Cure 05 2010. Me on Left, friend Noelle, center, Kristy on right

We caught the cycling but and started participating in more events on a regular basis. For me, cycling not only help me loose weight, but helped my emotional health as well.

Covington 30 Mile Ride

Covington 30 Mile Ride


Next up, participating in my first triathlon.





To get to the next level, I decided to join a boot camp group called Operation Boot Camp. From there, my over all health excelled. In a few months, I was running 3-4 months without having to stop. I started participating in more events Kristy and I entered 2 more triathlons and several more 5K’s and bike races. My next goal on the list was to run the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th 2012.

Then, on February 22, 2012, while running sprints, I tore my hamstring right off my pelvis. I had major reconstructive surgery and that day pretty much ended my boot camp participation. My recovery was very long and it took almost 5 months before I was able to participate in any kind of exercise. Again, I turned to food to comfort me and gained all my weight back to an all time high of 252 pounds.



5 months after my surgery, I got the OK from my doctor to start exercising again, I pulled my bike back out of my closet, bought a new wider seat to accommodate my hamstring and started riding again,



B2BC Jun2 28 2013

Finally in November, 2012, 8 months after my surgery, I went back to boot camp to try again. But, getting back into my routine was more difficult that i thought it would be. My body wasn’t coming back the way I was hoping it would. My frustration level increased and I started losing my motivation. I kept plugging away, but my wasn’t able to control my diet. Even though I was working out, I wasn’t losing any weight. Then, in May, I injured my knee and I haven’t been back since.


Cape San Blas 2013



So here I am today. 270 pounds, the most I’ve ever weighed in my entire life. And once again, I am starting over. I’m turning 50 this year, and there’s no way in hell that I’m going to hit that miles stone and still look like this. My mother never made it to 50 and if I don’t do something now, I won’t either.

I’ve turned back to my blog at the suggestion of a good friend and, because this is the only way I feel that I can stay motivated.

I hope you can follow me along my journey, and if you are in the same place I am, maybe we can help each other in the process.

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