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Made It To Florida. FINALLY!

After a long and grueling day of driving with 3 dogs in the back seat, we finally made it to Florida.

I guess we should have guessed that the road trip would not be without incident when while sitting at a traffic light not more than 3 miles from the house, two police cars with sirens blaring surrounded the car behind us with guns drawn. The man threw his arms into the air and the police started yelling at the man. I probably don’t have to tell you that when the light turned green we decided not to hang around to see what happened next.

Unfortunately, the following events were no fault but our own. While getting ready for our trip last night, we decided to give the dogs a compressed rawhide to keep them busy. The results of that error in judgement caused Kristy and I to get up several time during the night to take the dogs out because of their gastric distress. That issue carried through out the car ride. Not to get too graphic but you need to know that we had to stop so many times to let the dogs out. One time we didn’t stop in time enough for Cooper and he had a horrible accident in the back seat which led to me having to throw my favorite pillow in a gas station dumpster.

On top of the accidents, Cooper and Jack started getting a little stir crazy and decided that constant wining for about 3 hours would make them feel better.

On her first road trip, KC, not pictured, was a dream dog. She just hung out in the back seat looking out the window, or laying down and sleeping. She was such a good girl. We were so proud of her.

Mentally exhausted after driving 10 hours, we finally made it to Kristy’s mother’s house where the first order of business was to unload the truck which was promptly followed by an ice cold beer.

After taking a few minutes to relax, we headed over to Ginny’s (Kristy’s Mother) boyfriends, Don’s house. Where some delicious BBQ ribs and ice cold martinis awaited us. After the day that we had, I did not resist in anyway when offered these goodies. I caved in like I had no idea what the word diet meant. We closed the evening watching some amazing fireworks from Don’s back yard. It was a great end to a horrible trip. Cheers everyone.


Updated: July 4, 2011 — 11:22 AM

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