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Lookout Boot Camp Here I Come

As many of you know, I injured my foot a couple of weeks ago which prevented me from completing all of my boot camp duties. Since then, my foot has been slowly healing, but I still have concerns about my ability to return to boot camp.

Until yesterday, I was holding off on signing up until the last minute, because I didn’t want to fork out that much money and not be able to do it. I expressed my concerns with Bridget, my friend and boot camp instructor. She offered to have me join her and Michelle, one of my new boot camp buddies, for a mini boot camp session Friday morning so she could better assess my situation.

Even though she was up and down most the night caring for her sick and elderly dog, Bridget still showed up to work out with Michelle and I. We started off with a walk around the parking lot along with a few warm up stretches and of course a set up sit-ups. Then came the fun part. We headed out for a nice run to downtown Decatur. Our first stop, the Decatur courthouse parking deck. First we ran up the stairs, then down through the ramps of the deck with some small sprint intervals on the way down. After the deck, we headed through downtown with a few stops for a few strength training exercises. We ended with a run back to the high school parking lot where we performed some cool down stretches.

Yes, I still had some pain in my foot, but nothing I thought that would prevent me from participating next week. A person of my size is going to have pain no matter what, and sitting out and watching the weeks go by is just not my style. With plenty of ice and ibuprofen, I should be good to go.

After work, Kristy and I headed out to the gym for our water aerobics (aqua boot camp) class, and then we swam laps until we got to 400 meters, which is the distance we have to swim in the triathlon.

After all that, you would think we were done for the day. Not us though, as soon as we got home, we lassoed up the pups and took them out for a mile long walk. THEN, we were done and went to bed.

After a great night sleep, I woke up this morning to find that I was no worse for the wear. I know now that I am well on my way back and will be there Monday for day 1 of month 2. Not only did I sign up for another month of boot camp, I bought a three month commitment pass.  Hooah!



Updated: May 13, 2011 — 6:08 AM

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