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January 14, 1991, a beautiful, sunny day; the same day my mother died of a heart attack and complications of diabetes. Mom was only 48 years old when I lost her – the exact age I am now.

I’ll never forget that day; I remember calling her several times at the store where she work but never being able to reach her. How in the world would I know that during the time, paramedics were on their knees at her side trying to resuscitate her on the store floor where she dropped.

On that awful day, I was 26 years old, over weight, and smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day. I never thought twice about my own health.  Of course, the older I got, the more my health became more of a concern. I quit smoking in May of 2004, but it wasn’t until I was admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure, and the cardiologist told me that I had less than 10 years to live at the rate I was going. Even though I quit smoking, I still never got control of my eating.

Because I am so much like my mother and it appeared that I was headed down the same path as her, I have been living with the constant fear of not making it past 48 like my mother never did. Her death, over 20 years later, is the main reason I started boot camp. I have been determined to live past January 14, 2013.

Now that I’ve gotten past that day, and can finally breath a sigh of relief, and focus on living each day to my fullest potential and in turn, get into the shape I need to be to reach that potential. Though I cannot control when my final day will be, I can control how I live each day I have left on this earth, and I choose to what it takes to live as healthy and long as I can.

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  1. Wow Lisa! What a milestone to achieve. It also seems really special that on the 14th you were soaking wet in the rain working it out and getting it done continuing to improve your health. love you lady.

  2. What a significant bridge you have crossed. I’m so happy to be with you on this journey, seeing your strength and determination emerge again, again and again. I hope this date frees your mind more each year you pass it. xoxox

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