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Hats Off to the Business Traveler

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I have spent the last three weeks traveling for work. Trying to stay on my healthy eating plan proved more than difficult for me.

SnacksIn the past, my favorite thing about traveling was to stop at fast food joints and eat things I wouldn’t normally eat when I am at home, then I would buy more snacks each time I stop for gas. Traveling for me was like an eating party. This time, however, before I even pulled out of my driveway, I packed a cooler with lots of water, yogurt, fruit and healthy snacks. Additionally, I loaded an audio book onto my iPhone to keep my mind off of eating.

By the time I arrived to the south coast of Georgia, I made it all the way with out eating one thing that I hadn’t packed. The first night, I had to attend a company dinner at a local steakhouse. Everyone was drinking and eating lots of fried appetizers while I watched. Feeling a little left out, I broke down and ordered a 80 calorie Michelob Ultra beer. Though not the quality beer I’m used to, it did make me feel a little better sitting at the table. While my co-workers placed their orders consisting of steaks and baby back ribs, I asked the server if I could get a plain piece of baked chicken with no skin and some steamed vegetables, something that wasn’t even listed on the menu. Our server made a special request to the kitchen and was able to comply. When our meals were served, the chef really went out of his way to make me something special. I was presented with a roasted chicken breast with steamed broccoli and a half of a sweet potato. When it came to desert, I simply ordered a cup of coffee.┬áMy meal was delicious and I ended up having a great time not feeling deprived of anything and only consuming an estimated 400 calories.

The rest of the trip wasn’t as easy, but I managed it well. My room has a microwave and the hotel sold frozen dinners, so I spent the rest of the trip eating dinners in the room. On the 4th day, I was headed home again and survived the ride home without incident.

After a week at home, I hit the road again, but this time would be gone all week. Again my car was packed with the usual healthy snacks and made the trip down unscathed. I spent my first night in my room eating another frozen dinner, but I can tell you that it had already gotten old. I did fine in the mornings eating my yogurts and coffee for breakfast. Lunches was spent with co-workers at local restaurants and manged to control my eating pretty well; however, when it came to dinner, I started ordering at placed that proved delivery service. the second night was pasta, and by the third my diet went all to hell and I stopped for wings and beer. My trip home was just as bad with a lunch provided by McDonald’s. Talk about a total crash and burn.

Now that I’m home again, It’s been difficult to jump back on the band wagon, but I’m trying. I’m happy that it’s getting warmer outside and able to get out on my bike, my motivation is coming back on track. Keeping up with this blog also helps me stay on track, so I’m really going to try and keep everyone up to date on my progress.

Until next time my friends.


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  1. met you in GA. at the hike inn. even being the computer dummy that i am i found you!!! so happy!!! hope you are still feeling inspired. you have a lot of good energy and are very encouraging to others. dont know if my email works. lol. you have my number, if you need to speak with me or just want to stay in touch i would like to hear from you and Kristy and hear how you all are doing. keep hikin!!!

    1. Hey Kathy, I’m thrilled you found me. It has taken me some time to get back in the swing of things, but I”m finally ready to start writing again, in fact, my first post will be out our trip and meeting you. Hope you have a chance to check back, I am a better writer than a phone talker. Hope your doing well. Going back to the Hike-Inn next week. Taking some friends along with their kids.

  2. it is so wonderful that you are back to doing what you are truly gifted to do. you are so gracious. you are a wonderful and kind person. the fact that you feel so strongly about helping and encouraging other shows how truly great you are. hope you visit to Len Foote hike Inn will be amazing. you will have a different view. I understand the phone thing. I am hard of hearing, and I always tease that I hear better by text. so if you have texting on your cell phone, send me a hey when you have time. hello to Kristy too! wave-wave.

    1. Happy New Year Kathy. Getting ready to start the new year off right. Have all kind of things planned. Thank you for your kind words. I am so glad I met you and David

  3. Lisa, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful story you wrote about my dear friend, Kathy, when you were hiking in Georgia! She is one of my best friends and I have been blessed to have known her since grade school! Kathy has a heart of gold and is ALWAYS doing things for everyone but herself! She is truly an inspiration with her weight loss and just amazes me how well she gets along with her walker! When she was visiting in MI, we went to the zoo one day and I ended up pooping out before SHE did! Ha! I love her very much and I just wanted to thank you for writing such a lovely story about her! God bless you! Cheryl Fawal

    1. Hi Cheryl, thank you for your kind words. It was truly and honor to meet Kathy and David and am looking forward to seeing them again at a Hike Inn reunion. She is truly a special lady. Happy New Year

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