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Happy Friday The 13th!

There’s no better way to celebrate Friday the 13th than with an outside workout with a temperature of 26 degrees and a 16 degree wind chill factor.

Well it wasn’t as scary as it sounds, but boy it sure was cold out there this morning. I showed up wearing the thickest pair of Smart Wool socks I could find, a pair of long underwear, under a pair of thermal pants. On top, I had a base layer long sleeve shirt, followed by my Operation Boot Camp T-Shirt, followed by, a light weight running jacket and to top that off, a heavy coat that I got for Christmas to run in. On my head I wore a headband that covered my ears with a winter cap on top. I also sported a buff that kept my neck and face warm and a cozy pair of fleece gloves.

When it was time to get started, I took off the heavy coat because I thought it was too bulky for a hard core workout. We had guest instructors joining us today and the last thing I wanted to do was to look like the little kid from “A Christmas Story” with my arms out to my side and unable to move.

Within minutes of starting our morning run, I was plenty warm and was grateful that I left the heavy coat back at my car. Many of us will usually shed a layer or two during our work out when we get to a place we are going to stay for a while. Today, however, nobody took anything off. It was difficult to recognize many of my fellow boot campers due to the fact that all you could see were people’s eyes.

What affected me most today was the cold air. Just getting over my cold I’ve had over the past week made it difficult to breath. Even after using my inhaler this morning, I still seemed to struggle with my breathing. I’m hoping that I will be done with all this cold business when we start week 2. 

Happy Friday The 13th; have a lucky day

Updated: January 13, 2012 — 10:17 AM

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