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Glad That One Is Over

Well, the first big ride of the year has come and gone. Let me tell you I’m glad that one is behind me. It wasn’t that the ride was hard, but the people who put it on did not do a very good job.

First, we did the 32 mile option and there were rest areas about every about every 12 – 15 miles. Well for the ride we did, that meant we only had two. At the rest areas they usually provide a bathroom and some food and drinks. Nothing extravagant just water, Gatorade, and usually some fruit and sometimes sandwiches. By the time we got to the first rest area, they were totally out of food. All they on the table were a half of a jar of peanut butter with a knife sticking out of it and a half loaf of white bread. I felt bad because Courtney, one of the girls who rode with us was planning on packing some things to eat, but I assured her that the rest areas would have plenty of food. It was like that at the next stop as well.

Then, with only 2 miles left in the ride, there was a road block with two police officers directing people to a designated detour. Apparently, there was a parade starting and we had to go a different route. Kristy got to the road block before me and stopped me before I got there. It’s a good thing she did get to me first, because when I heard that we had to tack on another mile, I wanted to jump off my bike and tackle that cop. My feet were hurting so bad, I was blind with pain.

All in all, the ride was very nice just organized poorly. I will probably never ride with that organization again

Updated: April 18, 2010 — 9:42 AM

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