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Feeling A Little Defeated

OK, I know the story about muscle weighing more than fat and all, but dang; only 1 pound this week? Really? At this rate, I’ll hit my goal weight just in time to move into the retirement home. On top of that, I keep injuring myself. Today started my first day of the final week of boot camp and am looking forward to the PT test and timed mile run on Friday. I really want to beat my time of 15:22.

So, I show up for boot camp today still sore from my hip flexor pull last Friday. After a nice warm up, my leg was feeling pretty good, so I thought if I took it a little easy I could make it through. We started the workout doing sprints through the parking lot in increments of 20 seconds. Our goal was to increase the distance we achieve each time we ran. In between each run, we would perform a series of excises and then run back up to the parking lot for our next sprint.

After the second series, I was feeling pretty good and felt confident that I could increase my effort for the next sprint. As soon as I took off, I felt a pop in the arch of my foot and I almost went down. I limped around for a little while and tried to shake it off. I took it easy the rest of the workout and only did some speed walking instead of the sprints; I was still able to perform the other exercises however.

After I got home, I went and got ready for work. The more and more I walked around the more my foot hurt. When I got to work, I called my podiatrist and he got me in first thing. He took a series of x-rays and then examined my foot. He says that he didn’t feel a rupture, but more than likely I pulled or even have a slight tear of the fascia ligament in the arch of my foot. He put me in a compression sock, a walking boot, and gave me a night splint to wear when I sleep. It only got worse from there. He then tells me that I should quit boot camp and stay off my foot for at least a week.

Are you kidding me? There is no way I’m quitting boot camp with only 4 days left!!! If I have to tape my foot all up just so I can finish, that is what I will do. I will wear the boot all day, except for at boot camp of course, and even wear the grandma compression hose and sleep with the stretcher thingy, but no way I am going to quit!!!!

Every time I have gone to the doctor with a pain in my knee, foot or something else, the first thing the doctors says to me is; my weight is the cause for my injuries. Well, if I can’t workout, how in the hell am i going to loose weight?

I’m kind of at a loss of what to do here. I’m following the Weight Watcher plan to a T, I’m exersicing my butt off and not seeming to get anywhere. Don’t worry, I’m not giving up or anything. I’m just feeling a little defeated today.

Updated: May 2, 2011 — 1:14 PM


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  1. Lis-still proud of you for sticking to it!!! WW ya know some weeks are great & others are like this week BUT a loss is awesome whether a single pound or 10! Keep it up-you’re doing great!!!

  2. hang in there, hon

  3. you have increased your strength and endurance noticably. be proud of that! the numbers will come when they come! you are doing the right things. take care of your body.

  4. Lisa, I am so glad I checked out your blog after hearing you talk about it at bootcamp. It is amazing. Your determination has been an inspiration to me from the first day I met you at camp. I missed camp this morning b/c my little one wasnt having a good early morning but hope I will be there tomorrow.

  5. To go from 0 to 25 crunches in 3 weeks is pretty impressive Getty. You are getting results! It doesn’t always reflect on the scale which is the first place we look, but endurance and tone is equally important. Keep your determination, you are getting stronger, losing weight, and feeling great (except for the foot, but that will pass).

  6. Hang in there, girlfriend. And be kind to your body. You and it have accomplished a lot. Your instructors will tell you BC is the be-all and end-all in and of itself, but part of a whole-life program. You are taking all the steps necessary to take better care of your sweet self and that’s an amazing accomplishment. You inspire me every day asI whine my way through BC. It’s all good–even the injuries. Who would have thought that you’d be complaining about sports-related injuries?! You’re an athlete and I’m so proud of you!

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