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Falling Back Into Old Habits

When I hurt my foot last Monday and the doctor told me to quit boot camp, I can’t tell you how upset it made me. Another Short Fat Girl failure in the books. 

Falling back into my old habits, I wanted to go to my favorite watering hole, The Corner Pub. My plan was to have a nice meal and a few beers to soak my sorrows. Since I would not be working out at boot camp for a while, why not indulge a little.

Against Kristy’s better judgement, she agreed to go out to eat. When we got there, I ordered my first beer while I glanced over the menu. Looking at all the yummy options I had, I decided to at least go the healthy route and have a blackened Ahi tuna sandwhich and a small salad.

While drinking our beer, Kristy was trying to make me feel better by telling me how great I have been doing the last three weeks. She compared my fitness level when I started to my fitness level now. I started feeling better about how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time but still upset that I couldn’t finish. We then started talking about the things I could do such as water aerobics and swimming laps. With the triathlon only a month away, we really needed to get some swim time in.

Our food arrived to our table and instead of doing what comes natural to me when our food arrives and order another beer, I decided not to order that second beer and to just take smaller sips of my beer to make it last longer. I have to tell you that sandwich was delicious. Even if I wasn’t dieting, I would still order it. Kristy and I continued talking while we enjoyed our meal. When we were both finished we paid our bill and went home. No, I didn’t drink all the beer I set out to drink that night, but I sure felt better and a little proud of myself when I left.

Who knows? Maybe I’ve lost that old habit.

Updated: May 4, 2011 — 1:32 PM

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