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The transformation of a short fat girl

Drum Roll Please!!!!!!

Lost 5.5 lbs this week!!!! That brings a total weight loss of 12 . 4 lbs in the last two weeks and 27.20 overall.

I did learn something this week. Yesterday, I had a really busy day and did not take the time to eat what I should have. I had my normal breakfast, but I did not have any snacks in the morning or afternoon, nor did I have much of a lunch (salad only). By the time I got home I was ravenous. I went straight for the refrigerator. Kristy told me to get away from the fridge and we went for a walk. We had a nice steamed shrimp and baked fries dinner, but by bed time. I was hungry again. I had plenty of calories left to eat so I had a double serving of low fat ice cream and a piece of veggie cake. None of it nutritious in any way.

After all was said and done, I still didn’t go over my calories; however, I did recognize the tendency to really fall back into some really bad habits. Left unchecked, I really could have blown everything I worked so hard to achieve this week.

Moral of the story, I need to pay better attention through the day to make sure I am eating enough.
Updated: January 16, 2010 — 11:57 AM

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