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Boot Camp PT Test Results

operation-boot-campI participate in a fitness program at Operation Boot Camp’s (OBC) Decatur/Candler Park location. At the beginning and end of each month, we have a PT test to track our progress. I’ve created the the table below to track my stats.

If you are looking to get in shape but need a little help, I highly recommend Operation Boot Camp. This is a great group of non-judgmental folks who’s sole purpose is to help you achieve your fitness goals.


DateMile Run Time# Push-ups (Regular)# Push-ups (Facilitated)# Sit-ups (Regular)# Sit-ups (Crunches)# Tricep Push-ups (Regular)# Triecp Push-ups (Facilitated)
3/6/1514:5213 (PR)NA22NA014 (PR)
11/25/1413:51 (PR)110130013
11/16/1414:00021 (PR)24 (PR)0013

Friday, March 6, 2015

It’s only taken me 6 months to finally get in the swing of things and am finally feeling that spark in my belly that I’ve been missing for so long. Today’s PT test wasn’t my best, but I feel like it’s a good base line AGAIN. To defend myself, I’m still having some back and foot issues so, no telling what next month will bring. Stay tuned.



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