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Another Biggest Loser Moment

We had our first Biggest Loser Temptation. I came home the other day to find a package sitting on our coffee table. The front of the box said one word WHOOPIE . Kristy and I looked at each other and figured it has to be something else. We opened the box and and to our surprise, was an entire case of Whoopie Pies from our good friends in Maine. They were unaware of our weight loss journey and out of love, sent us a case of one of our favorite treats.

Back in the day, I would polish one down immediately. This was a true test of self control. If you have ever experienced the delight of a Whoopie Pie, you would understand exactly what I’m talking about. The problem is, the suggested serving size is one half of a pie. If I only ate one half, it would equal out to 390 calories and 21 grams of fat. Unfortunately, I don’t remember ever eating half of a pie. Today however, Kristy and I decided not to immediately eat one. We picked out our favorites and put them in the freezer. The rest, we shared with our skinny friends. Because they freeze well, we can save them for special times. We can also cut them up into more reasonable portions.

Looks like we passed our first test. Thanks to Del and Mare for thinking of us. We will enjoy them for a while.

Updated: March 9, 2011 — 8:19 PM

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