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Huge Portions

Today was my friend Page’s birthday. To celebrate, we both broke away from the office and I took her to lunch at one the local restaurants. I ordered a portobello mushroom sandwich with roasted red peppers and provolone cheese on a whole wheat bun which was delicious by the way. The sandwich was about the size of a hamburger you would get at any restaurant. Page ordered a sandwich called the Dagwood. To her surprise, this is what Page got. The sandwich was so big, she immediately ask the waiter for a to go box to take half of it home. There was so much food on her plate, Page and I could have split that sandwich and still had leftovers.

This is why obesity is such a huge epidemic in this country. Many people would order this and eat it one sitting. Heck, back in the day, I probably would have attempted to down it all myself.

Don’t you think that instead of serving something so ridiculously big, they could make the sandwich half the size and lowered the price? I can only imagine how many calories was in that sandwich. How much food does this place waste everyday? I’m not going to go on a tie-raid over this; it’s been going on for years, but something has to change. With portions that big, our country’s obesity problem is just going to get worse.

Updated: March 2, 2011 — 9:44 PM

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