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Month – March 2015

Omelet Muffin Cups Recipe

IMG_4350I’ve had a few of my fellow campers ask for the recipe for Kristy’s Omelet Muffin Cups, so I thought I would go ahead and post the recipe for everyone.

Kristy: “Here is what I did.  Didn’t really follow a recipe…you can add whatever you love.”

Use 12 muffin tin, preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Bake for 20 mins.

Take a lb of turkey bacon and cut it in half.  Spray muffin cups with olive oil spray.  Take 1 half piece, lay it across the bottom, take 2 other half pieces to make the sides.  The pieces overlap on the bottom creating a cup.  Do that for each of the 12 cups….you should have a few pieces of bacon leftover.

In a large bowl mix 1 cup of chopped raw broccoli, 1 cup of finely chopped raw mushrooms, 1 cup chopped raw spinach, and 6 eggs beaten well (ok to use 8 egg whites too)

Poor egg mixture into the muffin cups, and sprinkle a little cheddar cheese (optional) on top.

Viola!  Breakfast for days.  2 omelet cups = 1 egg.

You can use any veggies, even leftovers (I would reduce cook time if using previously cooked veggies)


Re-Thinking My Relationship With Food

Prostate DietAfter years of unsuccessful dieting, I finally realized that needed a little extra help, so a couple of weeks ago, I reached out to my friend Bridget Elliot, Certified Health & Wellness Coach and owner of  Panda the Red Wellness Solutions to help me with my eating habits.

On and off, since the age of 12, I have been on the Weight Watchers Diet where everything I ate was assigned a point value. I was given a maximum amount of points per day I could eat and when I ate those points, I was done eating. When I really stuck to the plan, I was successful and lost a significant amount of weight; however, after I went back to my normal eating habits, I would regain all my weight plus some. The problem I had on the plan was my main focus was finding away to cheat the system and eat anything I wanted without considering the what the consequences those foods would have on my body. I lived on low point frozen diners, fat free ice cream, and even a whole bag of fat free potato chips for only 5 points none of which had any nutritional value. Now, with Bridget’s help, I am re-thinking my relationship with food and how the foods I eat feed and heal my body rather than making me fatter and unhealthy. (more…)

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