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Month – February 2014

Icepocalypse Atlanta

Iced AtlantaIcepocalypse 2014 hit Atlanta this week and the entire city came to a screeching halt. The same can be said for my dieting efforts. Being stuck in the house for several days really tested my will power and for the most part, I came out unscathed. I finished up the week with only a 1 pound weight loss.

Because my bike tire went flat, I was unable to workout on the trainer; however, I did workout to the Wii’s Biggest Loser Challenge. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to workout and fight off my dogs who thought I was playing with them. The only other exercise I got in last week was on Thursday when the snow melted enough to get the dogs out for a walk.

It’s funny how my lack of exercise affected my eating habits. I tried to stay with in my calories, but I really struggled and found myself going over my calories almost every day. I didn’t go crazy with my eating, but it isn’t anything I would like to brag about either.

Next week, I am traveling for work and am a bit worried how I will handle that. Wish me luck. I will report more later.

Have a great week.


Figuring Out This Whole Calorie Coutning Thing

For most of my dieting life, I’ve followed only Weight Watchers as  my way to lose weight. Mostly, it was a non-thinking way of dieting. It didn’t matter what I ate as long as I stayed within my allotted points. Even if I did go over my points I could borrow against my banked or “Flex” points to make up the difference. Additionally, there isn’t any limits on the amount of fruits and vegetables you can eat, so I never really ever had to stop eating. Mind you, I was successful several times, but got tired of calculating points for everything I put in my mouth, so I would just stop and on came the pounds.

First Day Back to the Gym

Gym Pic

Well today was my first back to the gym in several months and, It was a grueling experience. It was as if I’ve never worked out before. In less than 10 minutes, my calf muscles started going into spasms and I had to stop and stretch. I went through that routine 3 times.

After 35 minutes on the elliptical trainer, I moved on to the stationary bike where I spent 20 minutes spasm free.

When I got home, met my friend for a 1.75 mile walk with the dogs. I had to turn back because my back and legs were knotting up so bad, I thought I was going to have call Kristy to come pick me up.

Decatur Biggest Loser Contest

B4 After After

Following the suggestion of a very good friend, I have come back and started writing on my blog again. I’ve been in hiding for a while, because I’ve been too embarrassed to come out and show my face in public. Truth is, I’ve failed miserably in my weight loss journey and have reached an all time high weight of 270 pounds.

I dropped out of boot camp back in May or June due to a knew injury and haven’t been back. When I hurt my knee, it was like all the air had left my sail. I was completely deflated and just gave up all hope of ever becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. I started self medicating with the only pain reviler I could easily get my hands on. Food. With every bite I took, the pain of my failures were numbed just enough for me not to think about them for a little while.

I’ve over medicated so much, that I can fit into any of my clothes. I went out and bought 1 pair of jeans and that’s the only pair of pants that I have that I can squeeze into. Because I work from home, it really hasn’t been a problem. I just sit around in sweats all day. So here I am bigger than I have ever been with no hope of it getting any better until now.

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article about Decatur’s Biggest Loser Contest, so I went and signed up. Trying to lose weight on my own hasn’t worked for me so I joined about 75 other people in a weight loss competition. So, hear I go again folks.

To kick of this journey, I’ve updated my site and have lots more additions I’d like to make. I invite you to follow me one more time as I restart my weight loss journey.

Wish me luck everyone.

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