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Month – January 2013

I Made it!

January 14, 1991, a beautiful, sunny day; the same day my mother died of a heart attack and complications of diabetes. Mom was only 48 years old when I lost her – the exact age I am now.

I’ll never forget that day; I remember calling her several times at the store where she work but never being able to reach her. How in the world would I know that during the time, paramedics were on their knees at her side trying to resuscitate her on the store floor where she dropped.

On that awful day, I was 26 years old, over weight, and smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day. I never thought twice about my own health.  Of course, the older I got, the more my health became more of a concern. I quit smoking in May of 2004, but it wasn’t until I was admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure, and the cardiologist told me that I had less than 10 years to live at the rate I was going. Even though I quit smoking, I still never got control of my eating.

Because I am so much like my mother and it appeared that I was headed down the same path as her, I have been living with the constant fear of not making it past 48 like my mother never did. Her death, over 20 years later, is the main reason I started boot camp. I have been determined to live past January 14, 2013.

Now that I’ve gotten past that day, and can finally breath a sigh of relief, and focus on living each day to my fullest potential and in turn, get into the shape I need to be to reach that potential. Though I cannot control when my final day will be, I can control how I live each day I have left on this earth, and I choose to what it takes to live as healthy and long as I can.

1st & Goal

Happy new year everyone! I know, I know, I’ve kind of disapeared for a while, but I’m back now and ready to start the new year off running.

Today, was the first day back to boot camp of the new year and I am so ready to get back to the almost athlete I was before my injury. No more complaining aches and pains just hard work and dedication from now on.  Ready to join me? Here we go:

This is what I weighed in at on New Years day, 264.2 pounds. Yes, I have to say that’s my biggest weigh it yet. This is what I weighed in at today:

261.0  pounds which was confirmed when I came into work and had the dietitian weigh me again. So, that’s a loss of 3.2 pounds in my first week. I was able to acheive that by simply taking my lunch to work and not drinking alcohol during the week. I also started back on Weight Watchers today and have promised myself to stay within my points and track everything I eat. I am also going to drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. I’m eager to see what next week’s weigh in brings me with a whole week of boot camp under my belt.

Stay tuned for more results.

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