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Month – October 2012

Back to the Basics

Loaded with lots of anxiety, I walked out the door this morning at 5:30 AM and went to friend’s day at  Fit-Wit boot camp with my friend Tina. The reason for my anxiety came on many levels. First and foremost, this was my first real workout since my injury back in February and was scared that I might injure myself again. Secondly, I was going to a boot camp where I really didn’t know anyone and felt somewhat intimidated and ashamed because of my weight and fitness level. Last but not least, I felt like I was cheating on my friends at Operation Boot Camp.

As I suspected, I was totally at square one again. My lung capacity was really low. I felt like I was gasping for every breath. When we did the warm up run around the football field, I only made it two thirds of the way around before I had to stop and walk. Then, came the dips, I was only able to do three. Sit ups I wont even mention, and push-ups were all on my knees and my performance was pitiful. The only thing that I didn’t fall back on was the jump ropes and was able to do 36 in two minutes.

On the positive side, I was thrilled to be outside and working out again. It gave me a slight feel of accomplishment that I felt when I was working out on a regular basis. The people were very nice and very supportive. The trainers were aware of my past and one of the trainers shadowed me and offered alternates when things like the sprints were being done.

At the end of the workout, I felt the pride coming back that I got off my butt and did something. Yes, I am starting over. Sadly, I’ve gained all my weight back, plus a few pounds and all my clothes are tight and most of my old workout clothes, don’t even fit. It is very frustrating, but I have to do something. I am going totally in the wrong way. I have many goals I want to reach this coming year, so I guess this will be a good starting point.

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