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Month – July 2011

Run Short Fat Girl Run

So there I was lying in bed and looking at the time on the ceiling being projected from my clock next to my bed. I spent at least 10 minutes having an argument with myself about why I should just stay in bed and skip boot camp for today. Here is just a sample of my argument with myself:

  • I am so tired and did not get enough sleep – Well you should have gone to bed earlier
  • My body really hurts – What else is new. It hurts every day
  • Staying home just one day won’t kill me – Tell that to the scale on Friday
  • Hardly anybody goes every day – Why in the hell did you spend all that money then?
  • OK, just 5 more minutes and I’ll get up – GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF THE DAMN BED!!!!
  • FINE!!!!! -Head wins again

Little did I know what was in store for me today. When I got to boot camp, I see Jan wearing a reflective vest. Curious, I asked a few of my fellow campers what was the purpose of the vest? I was surprised to find out that today was a long run day. In the four months since beginning boot camp, I have somehow missed every long run day due to being out of town, injury, or a work related meeting.  Today, I was not so lucky and was secretly cursing myself for not fighting harder to stay in the bed.

I cannot begin to tell you how nervous I was. It’s not like I haven’t done a 5K before, I have, but I’ve never done with a group of people. In the triathlon, I was on my own and I was only up against my own time. With this run, however, I was running with people who were in much better shape than I was and it was up to me to keep up with them. I hate being the person who everyone has to wait on. Not like I had much of a choice at this point, so when the time came, I set my watch and started running with the rest of the group.

The air was thick this morning which made it difficult to breath. We hadn’t even made it out of the park before I was coughing and hacking. With sweat running down every inch of my body, I pushed on and on and on. If it wasn’t for the continuous encouragement of my instructors and my fellow campers, I would have quit within the first 10 minutes.  I could tell that quitting was not an option so, I started talking to myself. Over and over I kept repeating… Run Short Fat Girl Run. 47 minutes and 48 seconds later, I ended back where I started.

After a bad morning of fighting with myself, I am happy to say, I lost this fight.

The Good With The Bad

OK, let’s start things off here by telling you that Kristy and I had a REALLY great time on our vacation in Florida. I didn’t realize how much fun I actually had until I got home and stepped on the scale and found out that I had gained 3 pounds.

Hey, I never said this blog was all about the positive things I’ve done on my weight loss journey. The only way I can stay accountable is if I tell the good with the bad. Besides, if there isn’t any drama, who would want to read this?

The following is just a sample of the fun things we did on our vacation.

We celebrated the fourth of July on Kristy’s dads boat. The evening started with a nice evening cruise to the spot where we would watch the fireworks. While locating our spot, we had a couple of cocktails and some snacks. Mind you, at this point of the vacation, I was still trying to be conscious of what I consumed. I only brought 3 beers for the entire evening and tried to limit my snacking to the veggie tray. When dinner was served, I had small portions but did not deprive myself of any part of the meal.

As you probably imagine, the fireworks were beautiful. It was a sight that I will probably never witness again. We ended the evening with a slow cruise back to the marina where we had to watch out for objects in the water because we were in pitch black waters.

Another attraction we encountered was the World of Beer. Yes, this place was like Disney World for adults. They stocked so many different beers, their five page menu did not list them all. I had 3 or 4 beers (I cant remember exactly how many) that I had never tried before. Many of you who know me know my affection for beer. It’s really my Achilles heel if you really think about it. It’s not that I like to drink, I love the taste of beer and love trying new flavors.

The main event was the final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Now that was an experience! We started our morning on Coco Beach where many folks were gathering to watch the launch. Since weather was a factor, we purchased a pop up tent in the event of rain. We set up camp with our tent, chairs, and cooler and our count down celebration. Kristy, Kristy’s mom, Ginny, and I were set up with mimosas, cheese and crackers, fresh fruit and other yummy snacks. Waiting on this historical event to take place.

NASA did not disappoint us here. It was magnificent sight to see. It was an honor to be a part of something I will never forget.




All of this action was just a sample of my fun filled vacation. There were plenty of other activities that we participated in, but it would take a while if I went into great detail.

To be honest, I don’t regret my actions while on vacation. Kristy and I really needed a break and we had a truly enjoyable time together; I wasn’t about to spend my precious time worrying about what I ate and drank. That being said, gaining three pounds is still serious and should not be taking lightly. And now that I am home, it’s time to get serious again and get back to business.

After missing boot camp for an entire week, I am a little afraid of what day one will bring me. Wish me luck.


Made It To Florida. FINALLY!

After a long and grueling day of driving with 3 dogs in the back seat, we finally made it to Florida.

I guess we should have guessed that the road trip would not be without incident when while sitting at a traffic light not more than 3 miles from the house, two police cars with sirens blaring surrounded the car behind us with guns drawn. The man threw his arms into the air and the police started yelling at the man. I probably don’t have to tell you that when the light turned green we decided not to hang around to see what happened next.

Unfortunately, the following events were no fault but our own. While getting ready for our trip last night, we decided to give the dogs a compressed rawhide to keep them busy. The results of that error in judgement caused Kristy and I to get up several time during the night to take the dogs out because of their gastric distress. That issue carried through out the car ride. Not to get too graphic but you need to know that we had to stop so many times to let the dogs out. One time we didn’t stop in time enough for Cooper and he had a horrible accident in the back seat which led to me having to throw my favorite pillow in a gas station dumpster.

On top of the accidents, Cooper and Jack started getting a little stir crazy and decided that constant wining for about 3 hours would make them feel better.

On her first road trip, KC, not pictured, was a dream dog. She just hung out in the back seat looking out the window, or laying down and sleeping. She was such a good girl. We were so proud of her.

Mentally exhausted after driving 10 hours, we finally made it to Kristy’s mother’s house where the first order of business was to unload the truck which was promptly followed by an ice cold beer.

After taking a few minutes to relax, we headed over to Ginny’s (Kristy’s Mother) boyfriends, Don’s house. Where some delicious BBQ ribs and ice cold martinis awaited us. After the day that we had, I did not resist in anyway when offered these goodies. I caved in like I had no idea what the word diet meant. We closed the evening watching some amazing fireworks from Don’s back yard. It was a great end to a horrible trip. Cheers everyone.



Since Kristy and I will be in Florida to watch the final space shuttle launch, I will not be able to finish my final week of boot camp. Well, life happens and I will have to find another way to get my workouts in.

Our plan is to get up early every morning and take the dogs for a run/walk and to take advantage of Kristy’s moms pool. Because of the Florida heat, we will have to get up pretty early in the mornings to get the running in.

I will try and post every day to keep everyone updated. Stay tuned folks.

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