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Month – May 2011

Back To Boot Camp

OK, maybe I should have thought twice before riding 34 miles the day before boot camp begins. I woke up this morning feeling like I was run over by a Mack truck. Still, as much as I was dreading getting up and moving around, I was equally excited about starting my second month; moreover, I wanted to run that mile again. Since I wasn’t able to participate in the running part of the final pt test, I wanted to see how much my time improved since we began.

When we first started with our warm ups, I was a little nervous about my foot. It was still a bit tender and I was fearful that I may hurt it again. Sure enough, after we ran the first lap around the parking lot, we started high knee skipping. On my first skip, I felt a pop in my foot. Not again, I thought as I hobbled off to the side. That old familiar pain in my foot was back again. Yes, I did pull that tendon again, but thankfully, I was wearing a compression sock as well as a pair of orthotics I purchased. Because of that, I think it prevented me from injuring as bad as I could have. My foot was still sore, but I was able to continue.

Before I post the results of the pt test, I have to brag a little. On my first day at boot camp, I ran the mile in 15 minutes and 22 seconds. Today, I ran the mile in 11 minutes and 39 seconds. I cut almost 4 off my time WITH an injured foot, I might add.

[table id=5 /]


I know I didn’t improve in everything, but remember, I rode my bike 34 miles yesterday and I was really sore. I think that if I hadn’t done that bike ride, my numbers would have been much better.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.


Tour de Cure

Yesterday, Kristy and I completed a 34 mile bike ride for the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure. This was our third ride for this event and out of all the rides we have been on, this was the most difficult. Pretty much, the entire 34 miles was one hill after another.

For the first 20 miles, I felt surprisingly strong. Even though my legs were burning on the hills, I kept on going without having to get off my bike once to push it up the hill. The next ten miles were getting tough. My legs were burning, my feet were numb, and my butt was killing me. I still felt well enough to continue on. Then, I hit the 30 mile mark. That’s when I hit the wall or bonked in biking terms. At that point, ever mile seem to take longer and longer. The hills were becoming more strenuous and I was struggling to keep my feet moving. A couple of times after a some hard hills, we had to stop for a moment to get a drink and catch our breath.

At mile 32, I thought I was done. I kept telling Kristy that I couldn’t go any further. Kristy was very supportive and would not let me stop. She then reminded me that she included two Miller Lites in our cooler. Finally, something to shoot for!!

As we crossed the finish line and the crowd of people were cheering us on, all I wanted to do is to give them the finger. Instead, we went and picked up our t-shirts and then to the truck for our celebratory toast.

Thanks to all who supported our ride. Kristy and I raised $1025.00 for the ADA.

Lookout Boot Camp Here I Come

As many of you know, I injured my foot a couple of weeks ago which prevented me from completing all of my boot camp duties. Since then, my foot has been slowly healing, but I still have concerns about my ability to return to boot camp.

Until yesterday, I was holding off on signing up until the last minute, because I didn’t want to fork out that much money and not be able to do it. I expressed my concerns with Bridget, my friend and boot camp instructor. She offered to have me join her and Michelle, one of my new boot camp buddies, for a mini boot camp session Friday morning so she could better assess my situation.

Even though she was up and down most the night caring for her sick and elderly dog, Bridget still showed up to work out with Michelle and I. We started off with a walk around the parking lot along with a few warm up stretches and of course a set up sit-ups. Then came the fun part. We headed out for a nice run to downtown Decatur. Our first stop, the Decatur courthouse parking deck. First we ran up the stairs, then down through the ramps of the deck with some small sprint intervals on the way down. After the deck, we headed through downtown with a few stops for a few strength training exercises. We ended with a run back to the high school parking lot where we performed some cool down stretches.

Yes, I still had some pain in my foot, but nothing I thought that would prevent me from participating next week. A person of my size is going to have pain no matter what, and sitting out and watching the weeks go by is just not my style. With plenty of ice and ibuprofen, I should be good to go.

After work, Kristy and I headed out to the gym for our water aerobics (aqua boot camp) class, and then we swam laps until we got to 400 meters, which is the distance we have to swim in the triathlon.

After all that, you would think we were done for the day. Not us though, as soon as we got home, we lassoed up the pups and took them out for a mile long walk. THEN, we were done and went to bed.

After a great night sleep, I woke up this morning to find that I was no worse for the wear. I know now that I am well on my way back and will be there Monday for day 1 of month 2. Not only did I sign up for another month of boot camp, I bought a three month commitment pass.  Hooah!



Weights & Measures

The measurement are in. Before I go there, I want to add that though I may have not lost a lot of weight, I was kind of wishing for some “Biggest Loser” moments. My body, however, went through some major changes, and all of it was good.

The proof, my friends, is my clothes. Clothes that were tight, now fit. Clothes, that did not fit, almost fit. Its almost time to pull the next batch of clothes out of the attic and try them on. I think I’ll wait a couple weeks for that.

To keep things honest, I had my friends Bridget and Deena do the measuring honors.

Thanks Guys

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The Graduate

Well the last day of boot camp was one I will never forget. Not only did I finish what I set out to do, I had some great results to boot. (get it? Boot? Boot camp. sigh).

Seriously folks, as experiences go, boot camp ranked way up there on the greatness scale. I was pushed so far out of my comfort zone, that I doubted myself  for the entire first two weeks that I could even finish. Unfortunately, part of that came true. On the final week, I injured my foot and could not participate that week until the last day and running was out of the question. I was able to, however, participate in the strength part of the PT test.

As you can see by my numbers below, I have made some great improvements. I was able to accomplish this not only because of the wonderful folks at boot camp, but because I did it! I showed up! I did the work! No matter how many times I wanted too, I didn’t give up.  I had faith in myself. Trust me, I have been trying to do this on my own practically my entire life. This is the first time that I actually felt that I was going to be able to accomplish my goals. Because of the help and encouragement from my boot camp instructors, my fellow campers, and my determination, I wasn’t set up to do anything but win. Even if I couldn’t do everything at the end, I accomplished a lot more than I ever expected I would.

I finished with new sense of pride and self respect. I have met some wonderful people and have made some great new friends. I am eagerly waiting what the next boot camp holds for me. Yes, I’m signing up again.

I was going to post my measurements on this post, but I left the numbers at home. I guess you’ll have to check back to get those results later.

Here are my results below:

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The Party Is Over!

Yes, the party is over, the pity party that is.

As I stated in my post on Monday, I had no intentions of quitting boot camp, so I got up yesterday and prepared myself for boot camp. I pulled out the sports tape and wrapped my purple foot all up. I arrived at boot camp and walked over to the instructors as casually as possible, and informed JoJo of what I did to my foot. Apparently, she had already read my blog and was surprised to see me. After pleading my case, and plenty of encouraging words from JoJo, I was forced to face reality and the fact that it was in my best interest to go home, give my foot a rest and not participate in boot camp. We did agree, however, that  if I was feeling better on Friday, the final day of boot camp, I could try to participate in what I could. Maybe the running part would have to wait until next week or so.  

Here I go again, adding one more thing to my start and not finsh list. Seems like everytime I get excited about doing something, something happens where I can’t finish or it’s too hard and I quit. I wanted this to be different. I already had my next size clothes ready to try on in a week or two.

When I arrived back home, I told Kristy what happened. After we talked about it for a bit over a cup of coffee, I went upstairs and got ready for work. Having difficulty keeping back my tears, I arrived at work, walked into my office and closed the door until I could get myself together.

Of course, it turned out to be the day from Hell. Patients were cranky, the doctors were cranky and so was the staff. Being that it’s my job to keep order and keep the practice running smoothly, I had to put on my fake happy face and get to work. After a while, things calmed down and I was able to take a breath. Just then, Bridget, one of my boot camp instructors, called to check in on me. Immeadiately, my eyes filled with tears. Bridget knew I would be upset and started giving me the old “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” speach by Vince Lombardi. And you know what? It’s true!

Luckily, I have always been blessed with a strong support system. I have a wonderful partner who knows me better than I know myself. I have great friends who have always been by my side in good times and bad, and I have a great job that I love. So, when  I started boot camp, I increased my support systme 10 fold. I have never had so many people who want me to succeed and you know what? I am not going to let them down. Better yet, I am not letting myself down.

Yes, being injured really sucks and the old Lisa would just gave up and went back to my old way. The problem with the old way is the only possible end would be the end of my life and I’m not ready for that to happen yet. So the only choice I’m left with is to suck it up and keep going.

Falling Back Into Old Habits

When I hurt my foot last Monday and the doctor told me to quit boot camp, I can’t tell you how upset it made me. Another Short Fat Girl failure in the books. 

Falling back into my old habits, I wanted to go to my favorite watering hole, The Corner Pub. My plan was to have a nice meal and a few beers to soak my sorrows. Since I would not be working out at boot camp for a while, why not indulge a little.

Against Kristy’s better judgement, she agreed to go out to eat. When we got there, I ordered my first beer while I glanced over the menu. Looking at all the yummy options I had, I decided to at least go the healthy route and have a blackened Ahi tuna sandwhich and a small salad.

While drinking our beer, Kristy was trying to make me feel better by telling me how great I have been doing the last three weeks. She compared my fitness level when I started to my fitness level now. I started feeling better about how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time but still upset that I couldn’t finish. We then started talking about the things I could do such as water aerobics and swimming laps. With the triathlon only a month away, we really needed to get some swim time in.

Our food arrived to our table and instead of doing what comes natural to me when our food arrives and order another beer, I decided not to order that second beer and to just take smaller sips of my beer to make it last longer. I have to tell you that sandwich was delicious. Even if I wasn’t dieting, I would still order it. Kristy and I continued talking while we enjoyed our meal. When we were both finished we paid our bill and went home. No, I didn’t drink all the beer I set out to drink that night, but I sure felt better and a little proud of myself when I left.

Who knows? Maybe I’ve lost that old habit.

Feeling A Little Defeated

OK, I know the story about muscle weighing more than fat and all, but dang; only 1 pound this week? Really? At this rate, I’ll hit my goal weight just in time to move into the retirement home. On top of that, I keep injuring myself. Today started my first day of the final week of boot camp and am looking forward to the PT test and timed mile run on Friday. I really want to beat my time of 15:22.

So, I show up for boot camp today still sore from my hip flexor pull last Friday. After a nice warm up, my leg was feeling pretty good, so I thought if I took it a little easy I could make it through. We started the workout doing sprints through the parking lot in increments of 20 seconds. Our goal was to increase the distance we achieve each time we ran. In between each run, we would perform a series of excises and then run back up to the parking lot for our next sprint.

After the second series, I was feeling pretty good and felt confident that I could increase my effort for the next sprint. As soon as I took off, I felt a pop in the arch of my foot and I almost went down. I limped around for a little while and tried to shake it off. I took it easy the rest of the workout and only did some speed walking instead of the sprints; I was still able to perform the other exercises however.

After I got home, I went and got ready for work. The more and more I walked around the more my foot hurt. When I got to work, I called my podiatrist and he got me in first thing. He took a series of x-rays and then examined my foot. He says that he didn’t feel a rupture, but more than likely I pulled or even have a slight tear of the fascia ligament in the arch of my foot. He put me in a compression sock, a walking boot, and gave me a night splint to wear when I sleep. It only got worse from there. He then tells me that I should quit boot camp and stay off my foot for at least a week.

Are you kidding me? There is no way I’m quitting boot camp with only 4 days left!!! If I have to tape my foot all up just so I can finish, that is what I will do. I will wear the boot all day, except for at boot camp of course, and even wear the grandma compression hose and sleep with the stretcher thingy, but no way I am going to quit!!!!

Every time I have gone to the doctor with a pain in my knee, foot or something else, the first thing the doctors says to me is; my weight is the cause for my injuries. Well, if I can’t workout, how in the hell am i going to loose weight?

I’m kind of at a loss of what to do here. I’m following the Weight Watcher plan to a T, I’m exersicing my butt off and not seeming to get anywhere. Don’t worry, I’m not giving up or anything. I’m just feeling a little defeated today.

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