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Month – April 2011

Resistance Is Futile

So, Kristy and I along with a couple of friends decided to opt for sushi tonight instead of our usual pizza a beer dinner. We arrived at the restaurant and when we sat down we only ordered un-sweet tea and water. My meal consisted of 1 basil roll, a shared plate of edamame, ginger chicken where I only ate maybe quarter of it. I really wanted it for lunch tomorrow, and 1 sushi roll.

Feeling proud of myself, we asked for our check. Not only did the check come, but this piece of cake came with it.





It just goes to show you that no matter what your intentions are, there will always be obstacles to try and trip you up. I case some of you are wondering, no, I did not eat even one bite.

No Excuse

Because of an early work meeting this morning, I was unable to join on my fellow campers at boot camp today.  I hated that I had to miss today, but to be honest, I was so sore this morning that I’m not sure I would have been able to do anything. Seriously, I could barely get out of bed with out feeling like I had just got the crap beat out of me.

As the day went on my soreness had eased and since I was unable to make boot camp, Kristy and will go to gym instead. Just because I didn’t get a work out in this morning, doesn’t mean I can’t get one in this evening. The triathlon is getting closer and closer and I have to be ready for it. My goal is to beat my time last year which was 2 hours and 15 minutes and if I can’t run a mile without stopping, what’s the point?

Short Fat Girl Goes To Boot Camp…….hooah!

Today, I started my very first day of boot camp. Why would I put myself through such a torturous  regiment you ask? Mostly, its because I have been watching my friends do it with amazing results. I have had such a difficult time getting motivated that I have seen nothing but negative results and I wanted to do something drastic to get my head and body going in the right direction.

I  signed up with a company called Operation Boot Camp and my reason for picking this group was because my friend Deena brought Kristy and I along for a friends day. After that day, my first thought was would anybody want to do this to themselves. Then, I realized that even though it was one of the hardest things I have ever done before, I actually did it and survived.

Another reason I came back was the instructors and the other “campers”. Not once did anyone make me feel bad for being the last one to finish every exercise. Maybe they knew that my biggest critic was myself and decided to give me a break. Either way, the instructors and my fellow campers were nothing but supportive. It sure took a lot of pressure off of my already stressed out and self conscious self.

We started the day with a PT test and the first item on the agenda was a 1 mile run around Decatur. I guess I don’t have to tell you that I did horribly. Not even a 1/4 mile out I got a terrible cramp in my leg that almost prevented me from even walking. My shadow instructor, Jan, was with me all the way never letting me give up. She would negotiate breaks with me like “OK, when we get to the second telephone pole, you can walk for 10 seconds” She even went as far as rubbing the huge not in my leg. Getting closer to the end of the mile, I could see my fellow campers finishing up their warms ups and soon as they saw me coming, they started cheering me on. At that point, nothing could stop me from finishing.

After the run was over, we headed over the the grassy area for the rest of the class. Next on the agenda was push ups, sit ups and triceps dips. I was partnered with a really nice woman named Colleen. She was a veteran at boot camp and really helped me make it through the exercises.

Here is a summary of how I did this morning:

Mile run – Finished in 15:22 minutes

Push-ups – 4

Push-ups on my knees – 7

Sit ups – couldn’t even pull one out

Crunches – 35!!!

Triceps dips – 2

Ben knee triceps dips – 9

I know this is nothing to brag about, but check back and see how I progress.

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