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Month – May 2010

13 Minutes Flat Baby

Today Kristy and I went to the gym so I could get some more time in the pool. With only a week left before the triathlon, I am starting to feel a little stressed about the swimming part.

We started off with our Saturday morning water aerobics class which lasted an hour. After class was over, we started swimming laps. My best time to date is 25 minutes which I accomplished last week during the practice tri. Today, we kicked it off in high gear trying not to stop unless absolutely necessary.

To be totally honest, I have never ever completed one lap (there and back) without stopping; until today. Today, I did a lap and a half before having to take a break. Even though I stopped to catch my breath, my break only lasted a few seconds before I was back at it.

What I realized today is when I slowed down, and paid attention to what I was doing, I was able to focus on form rather than speed. Doing that, I made less mistakes and was able to go further. By the end of the swim, my confidence level increased dramatically.

Kristy and I completed our 400 meters in 13 minutes flat today. A very proud moment indeed. The funny part of all of this is, I am starting to really enjoy swimming to the point I look forward to going now. Who would have thought.

There’s An App For That

For all you I phone users out there, I have found a great app for counting calories called Tap & Track.

With this app, not only can you count your nutritional intake, you can track your weight and exercise too.

What I like best about this app is that its pretty user friendly and customizable to a certain point. You can enter in your desired weight loss goal, though it picks a calorie goal for you, you can easily adjust it to the calories you want to consume per day.

It tracks the amount of calories consumed and what you have left for the day.

At a glance, you can see your entire food log for any given day.

The only part of the app I do not like is the exercise section. It auto-calculates the amount of calories burned for each exercise and I am finding that isn’t very accurate. When I compare the calories burned to my heart rate monitor, it’s not even close; however, you can enter your own, but it’s not as nice and easy.

If you like, you can send reports of your weigh loss to yourself by email or anyone else for that matter. Over all it’s a great time saving app.

Grilled Broccoli

After being introduced to this by my friend Deena, I have a new favorite side dish; grilled broccoli. If you ever thought that broccoli is boring, I promise you this will change your mind. I’m not sure why or how, but the flavor of broccoli after it has been grilled is amazing. Even better, its very easy to prepare.


  • 1 bunch fresh broccoli spears
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper


  1. Slice the broccoli stalk lengthwise cutting it into three or four stalks.
  2. Add olive oil, kosher salt, and black pepper to a one gallon zip lock baggie and mix well
  3. Add broccoli to bag and thoroughly coat with oil mixture
  4. Place coated broccoli on grill rack and cook over medium heat for 8-10 minutes on each side or until crisp and tender

That’s it. Server and enjoy

Tri Suits For Short Fat Girls

To my surprise, there are more choices of active wear for plus size women than I thought. Not to say, that if it’s plus size, then it’s OK to wear. That much is true for the tri-suit I purchased at an active wear online clothing store I found. This website, Junonia has quite a large selection of plus size clothing. You can only imagine how excited I was to find a tri suit that would fit me.

At $110 bucks, I thought for sure this tri-suit would be the answer to my problems. I had Kristy order it for me and pay the extra money for express shipping. Three days later, the suit was here. When I came home from work, I ran upstairs to try it on. To my surprise, I did not look at all like the girl in the picture. (can you say air brush) Kristy came upstairs to see me in my suite. She saw the expression on my face and said, would you like me to return it for you in the morning? I was horrified I felt like the Michelin Man was staring back at me in the mirror.

Not to worry, I found another store that sold plus size tri-shorts. At this website, Areotech Designs you can buy plus size shorts all the way to 5 XL. Again I had Kristy order these for me and after returning the first pair for a smaller size, I have solved my triathlon apparel problems. Together with the shorts, I went to Sports Authority and bought a men’s swimming shirt. Now, don’t have to wear my swimsuit with my sports bra under it. All is good.

Practice Triathlon

This morning, Cat, Deena, Susan, and I along with our support team, Kristy and Noelle headed out for a practice triathlon. With only 13 days to go, we all wanted to make sure we knew what we were getting into. We started off at the gym and swam 400 meters in the pool. After that, we went back out to the parking lot where Kristy and Noelle were waiting. When we got out there, Kristy and Noelle had our bikes and gear all set up ready for us to jump on our bikes and go.

With Kristy and Noelle riding along with us, off we went for our 12 mile ride. Cat chose a really good route that simulated most riding conditions we may encounter. 51 minutes and 45 seconds later, we were back at the gym jumping off our bikes and heading out for our 5k run while Kristy and Noelle packed everything up.

Quickly, Susan pulled out and never looked back. There after, Cat and Deena spanked my ass as they ran by me. Unfortunately, I was having severe leg cramps and was forced to walk most of the route. Every time I tried to run, my legs would just knot up to the point you could see it happening. Instead of taking the chance of hurting myself, I chose to walk the route instead of run.

All alone, I turned up the music and picked up the pace. About a quarter mile down the road I saw Kristy pulled off on the side of the road waiting for me with a bottle of water. I took several sips and headed off again. Another quarter mile or so, there she was again waiting for me with water. She had taken on the role as our support vehicle while Noelle went off to buy and prepare lunch for us when finished. Kristy road up and down the route tending to all the runners and when they had all finished she continued to meet me every quarter mile or so with water. When I reached the last half mile, I sent her to Cat’s house and said I would meet her there.

About 5 minutes later, I looked down the road and saw Susan and Deena walking towards me. Deena and Susan came to finish the rest of the route with me. Still walking, we made the final turn and Cat’s house came into view. There, Kristy, Cat, and Noelle were waiting for us clapping in the drive way. With less then a half of a block to go, Deena suggested that we run the rest of the way. 2 hours and 27 minutes after starting, we arrived at the end of the route. I actually did my own triathlon!!!!

With less than two weeks before the race, I feel confident that I can actual do this. Thanks to Kristy and Noelle for all the support and thanks to Deena, Susan, and Cat for participating in the race with me. I don’t think I would have come this far without every one’s support

Weigh In May 22, 2010

Today the scale has been a bit unfaithful to me. I weighed in at 222.3 pounds. I really don’t understand how this could have happened, because I have been on point with my calories most of the week. One possibility could be that I didn’t workout as much as I have been the past few weeks, but I am still working out all the same. I’m concerned that my calorie intake may need to be adjusted. I’ll have to talk to the dietitians at work to get this straightened out.

Tour de Cure Revisited

Today Kristy and I took on the America Diabetes Association’s annual Tour de Cure bike ride. Last year, we chose this ride to be our very first group ride. In fact, at 16 miles, it was the longest we have ever ridden before. This year we stepped it up a bit and signed up for the 32 mile route.

To begin with, the ride started out with Kristy getting a flat tire as soon as we took her bike off the truck. Not sure what happened, but as soon as she sat her bike down, the back tire blew. Luckily, we had an extra tube with us and a bike mechanic changed the tire for us. With our team all lined at the starting line, we took off. Kristy and I were very excited about conquering the infamous hill that got the best of us last year. At mile six, we saw the hill ahead of us. We both sped up to get some momentum for the monstrous hill. About half way up the hill, Kristy took off and pulled ahead of me while I started to slow down a bit. Determined to make it up this damn hill, I down shifted as low as I could go so I could make it up the hill without stopping. Finally, I had no choice but to dismount my bike and start walking up the hill. I was so upset that I could not make it up the hill. I could not understand what why it was so difficult.

When I got to the top of the hill, where Kristy was waiting for me, I stopped and looked at my bike. What I discovered was my tire kept getting hug up on the break. I thought I was having problems with my breaks sticking. At that time, a rider stopped to see if we needed any help. I told him what was happening and he took a look. He informed me that the problem wasn’t with my breaks it was my wheel. Apparently, I broke a spoke which made my wheel out of balance. There was nothing he could do to help us.

After waiting about 45 minutes, a support vehicle stopped to pick me up and take me to the next rest area where a bike mechanic was on duty. Kristy decided to ride on and just me at the rest stop.

James from Roswell Bicycles assisted me with my broken spoke. Apparently it wasn’t an easy job because it took him almost an hour to fix it. After taking my entire wheel apart, he was able to get the bike fixed and get me on the road again.

Unfortunately, we were so far behind, we had no choice but to just turn around and head back to the starting line. If we whould tried to finish the ride, it would have taken us at least 2 more hours and by that time, all the rest areas would have been closed and we would be riding in the heat of the day. Not a good combination.

By the time we got back to the start/finish line, we were crossing the line at the same time as most of the people we started with. I was at least able to log 17 miles and Kristy was able to get to 22 miles. Not a bad ride but still disappointing.

Better luck next year

20 Days

After winning our softball game last night, Kristy and I came home and went straight to bed. We had to because we had our water aerobics class at 9:00 in the morning. Class was a bit more difficult than it was last week, but we muddled through. After class, we were both pretty tired, but that could not slow us down; the Triathlon is only 20 days away.

After class, Kristy and I started swimming laps. Today, I felt much more comfortable than I have been in the past. I focused mostly on my form rather than speed. My confidence is building to a point that I am actually beginning to like swimming which a first for me. Out of all three events in the triathlon, the swimming is what freaking me out the most.

In 25 minutes we completed our 40o meters. Another personal best.

Personal Best

This morning at 5:10 AM I crawled out of bed and headed to the gym. I was lucky enough to grab one of the better treadmills so; I jumped on and started running.

Over the past few months, I have been doing interval training on the treadmill as well as on the roads. When I started, I was only able to run for 1 minute then walk two or three minutes. Today, I ran for 30 minutes which I began with a 5 minute brisk walk and then I took off running for 3 minutes and then walked for 1 minute. I was able to do that for the entire workout. With only 1 minute left, I increased the speed to 5.5 mph and took off for the entire 60 seconds.

By the end of the workout, I was soaking wet with sweat, but I sure felt great. I have a softball game tonight. We’ll see how well I can move by then.

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