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Month – February 2010

A Wonderful Experience

Even though I didn’t do well on the eating side last week, I do not regret my trip for one second. I had one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I was a part of what only 1% of the world can say they were a part of.
Not only was it a beautiful visual experience, but an emotional one as well. When Endeavor lifted off, the force was so strong that it shook your entire body all the way through your soul.
The icing on the cake (mmm cake) was that my friend Becky’s sister, Kay Hire, was aboard. What was a thrilling experience was also scary one too. You wanted to see a great show, but you were worried that everything was going to go off ok.
Words can’t even begin to describe this experience. It becomes a part of you.

Post Vacation Failures

I weighed in yesterday and I now weigh 229.1. That is almost a 5 pound gain. That really sucks. The worst part is I didn’t really pig out or anything. True, I ate out every meal and true, I did not count any calories, true, I did not work out at all, and true, I had several drinks through the week.

Making healthy choices while traveling is very difficult especially, when you are traveling by car. We spent a lot of time in the car and most meals were eaten at fast foods restaurants. At first, we attempted to try and find healthier places to eat, but that was a very difficult task. After a while, we just gave in and ate what we could find and make the healthiest choices we could make. For example, one of the meals we ate was at Arby’s. We figured a roast beef sandwich was healthier than a cheeseburger.

Overall, I am glad we are back home and back into our healthy eating.

Pre-Vacation Jitters

Kristy and I are leaving tomorrow for Florida to watch the space shuttle launch. My friend, Becky, has a sister who is an astronaut and is going up on the next space shuttle mission. Cool huh?

Anyway, this will be my first time eating away from home in over a month. I’m hoping that the temptation wont be to great for me and I slip back into the same old bad habits. I just have to remember that I have a goal to meat in 5 months.

Wish me luck everyone

Wellness is Catchy

Getting healthy is like a virus. Once you start telling people about it and actually doing something about it, they in turn become motivated to join you. I guess you can say it’s like not wanting to do something alone. It’s a lot more fun when you friends are participating in their own wellness while you are.

Last night, Kristy and I went to the gym. I was scheduled to meet with a trainer for my first physical assessment. Come to find out, I am 48% body fat. You can probably guess that I was not happy with that number. The trainer said that they would like to see me bring that number down to the mid 20’s. He wrote up an exercise routine for me consisting of mostly weights. Says that the amount of cardio I am getting is plenty and I should focus on lifting weights. It will speed up my metabolism and and burn more fat. Today we worked only on my back muscles. We did a series of 4 exercises, 4 reps of 12 at 60 pounds each. Man I felt so butch!!!! I never grunted so much in my life. By the time we were finished, I was totally spent. I could barely lift my arms over my head and I was soaking wet in sweat.

After we worked out, I went to the racquetball courts to meet my friends. We had court reservations at 8:00. There were 5 of in all and we had a great time together. That’s what I mean by being catchy. We all had a great workout, a lot of fun, and left feeling good that we actually did something. We have already scheduled our workout for next weeks racquetball session.

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